Friday April 10 2020
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Dear Advertiser
As you know very well, in this modern era of technology,internet has become an important organ in promoting businesses worldwide,as most of the world is now connected through it..
We at offer a business opportunity to our beloved readers and advertisers, of most popular Guajrati portal, to reach millions of Gujaratis all over the world. Your precious business needs shall be carried to the world by the medium of Let the Gujaratis worldwide know about all your business offers, services, sales or purchase of property etc.Whatever your business is, gujaratam is the best companion and worldwide platform to take your message to the world Gujaratis every minute at lightening speed- round the world, round the clock.
As you may be aware atalsavera gujarati weekly news paper published from surat in hard copy format enjoys an enviable position to be the most popular weekly reaching every corner of Surat.
This scale of height and width have been the result of our beloved and intelligent readers worldwide with their constant feedback helping us grow everyday as you may know we update round the clock to keep our readers well-informed in this world of information. Atalsavera is the only Gujarati portal with AUDIO and VIDEO news coverage in surat as well as fully downloadable PDF format of complete hard copy.
Please have a look at the rates, for displaying your advertisement on worked out for you in the following table:
Main Side Panel Bar 1 Main Side Panel Bar 2 Main Side Panel Bar 3
15,000/- 7 Days
52,500/- Monthly
13,000/- 7 Days
45,500/- Monthly
10,000/- 7 Days
35,000/- Monthly
News Panel Bar Ear Panel Bar Bottom Panel Bar
11,000/- 7 Days
38,500/- Monthly
1,00,000/- 6 months
1,75,000/- yearly
5,000/- 7 Days
15,000/- Monthly
Terms and Conditions
» The designing charge to be paid separately if designing of advertisement needed. (1000/- with   animation at some extend for 5 Sec, static 500/-)
» The full payment must be paid in advance.
» Advertisements would be displayed only after realisation of payment by the head office at Surat.
» Any views and ideas displayed in the advertisements are solely of the advertisers and does not endorse it.
» Price for the advertisment could be changed without prior notice and would not effect ongoing campaigns.
» If any advertiser want any special position on the website then it could be mutually discussed.
» Any International or National disputes are subject to Surat juridiction of Gujarat - India.
For further queries you can contact us.
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